Monday, 16 October 2017

Childrens Halloween Party - Sunday 29th October

Schinnen Trunk or Treat – Tuesday 31st October

Please Contact Schinnen Outdoor Recreation directly to secure your place.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

HIVE Opening Hours - W/C 16th October 2017

ELC Brunssum Opening Hours - W/C 16th October 2017

From 16th - 20th October BFBS are Promoting Forces Money Week

BFBS are promoting Forces Money Week via their website, FB and Twitter and are now seeking questions to put to the panel of experts.

From 16th -20th October a team of financial experts will join Richard Hutchinson on Forces Radio BFBS & on Facebook Live to answer your questions.

Each day from 1:45pm UK join us live all week on your radio and through Facebook as we answer your money questions from around the forces world. Each day we will be tackling a different subject.

For More Information, please Click Here

EJSU Registry - Opening Hours - W/C 16th October 2017

HIVE Christmas Market Guide Coming Soon