Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Do’s and Don’ts regarding electrical safety

From Tony Blackburn, SHEF Advisor,

Electricity is a proven major cause of fires, both at work and at home.

Please see below for some advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for some Do’s and Don’ts regarding electrical safety.


·    Always use CE marked adaptors when using UK equipment into the Belgium electrical system

·    Do check the adaptors and sockets for signs of scorching or feel hot.

·    Turn off and if possible take out the plug any equipment not being used.

·    Conduct regular check cables for fraying, signs of bare wire, general wear and tear, etc.

·    Switch off and remove plug for any hand held electrical equipment such as iron, hair dryers and curling tongs and do not leave next to combustible material.

·     Know the location of your nearest Fire escape and appropriate fire fighting equipment to be used to assist means of escape.


·      Over burden electrical sockets or extension cables - 4 sockets does not mean that 4 plugs can be used.

·      Have leads from kettles or toasters trail over the cooker.

·      Let fat and grease build up in the cookers grill pan.

·      Have electrical heaters near curtains, furniture or cover any air vents.

·      Store boxes or flammable material near a source of heating such as radiators or a source of ignition.

Please do not think that an incident will not happen to me!

Safety is everyone’s responsibility,  do not leave it for someone else.

Tony Blackburn

SHEF Advisor