Friday, 7 July 2017

Shadow postcode for BFPO

Problems with companies sending to BFPO

Are you aware of BFPO Shadow postcodes?

In 2012, in collaboration with Royal Mail, the BFPO introduced UK-style postcodes, to help ordering items online, owing to problems with websites not recognising the BFPO addressing format. The addresses are assigned to the notional post town  "BFPO" and, as of 2012, the postcodes all begin with "BF1". 

Due to the automated sorting process at BFPO these UK style postcodes should not appear on items of mail and they are solely for use within websites. For example, the above address would appear as:

12345678 LCPL B Jones

B Company

1 Loamshire Regt




If you are struggling having an item posted out via the BFPO service, try using our Shadow postcode BF1 2AH. A full list of Shadow postcodes can be found here.